Alfred Integration

Alfred Workflow

For Alfred Powerpack users, we created an Workflow to let you start searching and view the results right in Alfred, open them in SnippetsLab, copy to clipboard or even directly paste to the frontmost app.


To setup, follow the steps below.

  • Choose SnippetsLab > Install Alfred Workflow from the menubar

  • Click Import when Alfred asks you whether or not to import the workflow

Alternatively, you can download the workflow and install it manually.

Basic Usage

To start using it, type snippet {query} in Alfred where {query} is your search term. Search results should appear automatically as you type.

  • Press Return to copy selected snippet to clipboard

  • Hold Option and press Return to open selected snippet in SnippetsLab

  • Hold Command and press Return to paste selected snippet to the frontmost app

Note: The key-bindings above are the default settings. You can customize them by changing SnippetsLab Preferences or editing the workflow.

Configuring the Workflow

Change the keyword used to activate searching

  • Open Alfred Preferences, choose Workflows

  • Select SnippetsLab from the left list

  • Double click on the Script Filter object

  • Enter your new keyword in the Keyword field

Change the key-bindings

The Alfred workflow uses the same settings for Return and Option-Return actions as the SnippetsLab Assistant. To swap those actions, follow the steps below.

  • Choose SnippetsLab > Preferences from the menubar

  • Click Assistant

  • Change the Primary Action drop-down menu to a desired value