SnippetsLab Beta Program

Welcome to SnippetsLab Beta Program! By using the beta build you will enjoy new features and bug fixes before they are widely available, while providing insight and feedback to help SnippetsLab improve even further.

Join Beta on TestFlight

Requires the TestFlight app and macOS 12 or later. App purchase not required.

Beta Program FAQ

How does the Beta Program work?

We use Apple’s TestFlight platform to distribute beta builds of the app. If not already, install the TestFlight app from the Mac App Store first, then click on the “Join Beta on TestFlight” link above to open the invitation in the TestFlight app. Click on the “Accept” button to join.

For detailed information, please review TestFlight Help and TestFlight Terms of Service.

Do I have to purchase SnippetsLab before joining the Beta Program?

No. The program is open to everyone with an Apple ID and running macOS 12 or later.

What are some main differences between the beta and regular versions of the app?

The beta version contains upcoming features and bug fixes that are not yet available in the regular version of the app. By installing the beta app, you agree to automatically share usage, analytics, and crash data with Apple and the SnippetsLab team. The beta app may be less stable and may contain additional crashes.

Is there a limit to how many people can join the Beta Program?

Yes, a hard limit is set by Apple. However, we may set further limits in order to make sure a wide range of users will get a chance to beta-test the app.

I am using the Mac App Store version. What will happen when I install the beta app?

The beta app will replace the existing App Store version upon installation.

I am using the Setapp version. What will happen when I install the beta app?

The beta app can co-exist with the Setapp version. That said, only one app should be running at any given moment, as running both simultaneously could result in conflict and unexpected loss of data.

How does iCloud sync work with the beta app?

SnippetsLab beta will sync normally with the Mac App Store version of the app. Please note that the Mac App Store and Setapp versions use different iCloud containers, therefore the beta app will not sync with Setapp version of the app.

How do I know if there is an updated version of the beta app?

TestFlight will notify you each time a new build is available and will include instructions on what you need to test. Alternatively, you can turn on automatic updates to have the latest beta builds install automatically.

How do I provide feedback while using the beta app?

You can choose Help > Provide SnippetsLab Feedback… from the menubar, or send an email directly to (when sending an email, please mention the beta version and build number you are using).

The above preferred over the TestFlight "Send Beta Feedback" mechanism because we may not have access to the the email address associated with TestFlight feedbacks and will not be able to reply to those feedbacks.

How long can I keep using the beta application?

Each beta build will automatically expire 90 days after they become available on TestFlight (regardless of the installation date). When expired, you will no longer be able to open the beta app.

The beta app may expire sooner without prior notice if a critical issue is found, or if it is otherwise no longer relevant for beta-testing purposes (for example when a newer build is available, or when the beta features have been made available in public releases).

You can check the days left before automatic expiration under the app name in TestFlight.

How do I minimize any potential impact on my data and settings when switching between beta and App Store versions of the app?

When installing the beta app:

Although we do not anticipate any impact on your data and settings, it is strongly recommended to manually export your library to a safe location prior to installing the beta app for an extra layer of safety.

To create a manual backup, choose Library > Export… from the menubar, and export using the “SnippetsLab Library” format. Save it in a safe location such as the Desktop or Documents folder.

When switching back to the App Store version:

Do not delete the beta app, because macOS will erase all the associated data and settings stored locally when deleting an app, even if it is from TestFlight.

To restore the App Store version, temporarily rename the beta app, then install SnippetsLab from the App Store. As a safety precaution, always save a manual export (backup) to a safe location before switching between builds.

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