Introducing SnippetsLab

Supercharge your productivity with SnippetsLab — a full-featured, professional code snippets manager. It helps you create your personal code library, keeps everything impeccably organized, and always at the ready for use.

All your code, organized

SnippetsLab makes it simple to manage all your contents with multi-level folders, shortcuts, tags, and Smart Groups.

Smart Groups gives you the option to search by not only title, content and language, but also by creation and modification dates, and much more.

Folders and Smart GroupsTags

SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac

Syntax highlighting

Choose from an ever-expanding list of supported languages, with more than 420 available for the current version.

SnippetsLab for Mac


Take advantage of the Markdown capabilities of SnippetsLab. When writing Markdown, you have access to syntax highlighting of the full set of 420 languages, plus more:

  • Include an auto-updating Table of Contents
  • MathJax & LaTeX rendering
  • Professional editing experience with keyboard shortcuts for quick formatting
  • Fully customizable CSS themes
  • Real-time preview with accurate scroll sync
SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac

SnippetsLab Assistant

SnippetsLab Assistant lives in your menubar. You can quickly create new snippets from there, or search for an existing one. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac SnippetsLab for Mac SnippetsLab for Mac SnippetsLab for Mac

Full-text search

You can choose either to search for only the title, or both the title and content.

Preview, open, copy, or paste directly

Use keyboard shortcuts to preview your snippet, open in the main window, copy the content, or even paste straight into the active app.

Create snippets

Create new snippets right from the menubar.

Stunning Themes

SnippetsLab packs 13 carefully crafted themes. Choose the color scheme you are familiar with.

GitHub Gist

With the lightweight gist integration, SnippetsLab allows you to:

  • Import your gists (or other’s public gists) into SnippetsLab
  • Publish your snippets to your GitHub account as gists
SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac

Sync & backup

iCloud. Keep your library up to date with all your Macs. It just works.

Other Sync Services. By moving your library to a synchronized folder, you can opt to use any third party file-based sync services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Automatic Backups. For additional peace of mind, SnippetsLab will automatically backup your library at a daily basis.


SnippetsLab for Mac
SnippetsLab for Mac

More Features

  • Advanced Keyboard Access
  • Advanced Text Editing Options
  • Alfred Workflow
  • Auto Code Formatting
  • Export Library to JSON/XML
  • Fuzzy Search
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Global Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Hide Dock Icon
  • Import from CodeBox
  • macOS Service
  • Markdown Scroll-Sync
  • Multi-Window Support
  • Pinning Windows
  • Snippets Link

Customers Love #SnippetsLab

It is not only the best snippet manager, but also the best markdown note-taking app for programmers, in my opinion. Better than other popular editors since SnippetsLab features both syntax highlighting and LaTeX which is quite rare among other apps.

– Maciej_1, Poland

A great design and functionality. Coupled with the Alfred Workflow for it, it is an absolute joy to get snippets one creates quickly from the app. Really recommended app. 10/10

– nikivii, United States

Simple and efficient. Very good quality. Offers many options. Nice interface. I like it very much and I use it every day to save my code snippets. It is worth the price. Keep the good work! Thanks.

– Chris_tofe, United States

I’m very happy with this product, efficient, clean and beautiful, one of the best snippet tools I’ve tried. Keep the good work guys.

– Joshacspartan, Mexico

Many good features at an unbeatable price.

– jugibur, Germany

SnippetsLab is perfect for my needs. I am constantly using it when developing and it has saved me a lot of time. By simply having code that I reuse frequently in the Menubar is incredibly useful. Being able to add further code snippets via the Menubar is also very convenient.

– Reviewed-It, United Kingdom

This app is amazing. I use it all the time. I can neatly store all of my snippets and use them at a moments notice!

– Sk8tyger, Canada

I seeked a program for really small pieces of code and an easy way to find them when needed. This program has served this perfectly!

– Independence month

It’s so hard to find way to store code and snippets of scripts. This makes my programming and scripting SO MUCH EASIER!

– dynamixcore, United States

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Latest Version: 1.9.2 ()
Compatibility: Requires OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor