SnippetsLab Assistant

SnippetsLab Assistant can greatly promote your productivity. It is a handy tool that lives in your menubar. You can quickly search, open, copy or preview your snippets without even having to use the mouse.

To enable/disable the assistant, choose SnippetsLab > Preferences… from the menubar and click Assistant. Select Enable SnippetsLab Assistant to add it to the menubar, or deselect this checkbox to remove it from the menubar. SnippetsLab Assistant is enabled by default.

Click btn-assistant button from the menubar to activate it. Press Esc or click outside of the panel to dismiss it.


Browse Snippets

Activate SnippetsLab Assistant and click “btn-loupe search” to switch to the search panel.

Search Snippets

  • Search: When SnippetsLab Assistant is activated, you can start typing immediately to search from all your snippets.
  • Change Search Scope: From 1.2.3, it will search both the title and contents by default. If you wish to change this behaviour, click the magnifying glass button in the left of the search bar, and choose one option from Only Search Title and Search Title and Content.
  • Further Actions: You can press and to navigate through all search results, and press Return, Option-Return, Command-Return or to do certain actions. For details, please refer to the next part Copy, Open and Quick Look.

Copy, Open and Quick Look

You can perform the following actions to a search result from the SnippetsLab Assistant:

Action How
Copy to clipboard Click on it or press Return
Open in the main window Option-click on it or press Option-Return
Quick look Double-click on it or press (To dismiss the quick look popover, press )

The action that is performed when you click on a snippet or press Return is called a primary action, and it is supposed to be the most frequently used action. To customize the primary action, choose SnippetsLab > Preferences…, click Assistant, and choose an item from the Primary Action drop down menu.

From SnippetsLab 1.6 and OS X 10.11, you can also swipe left on a snippet to reveal multiple options, or use the force touch gesture to quick look a selected snippet.

Default Snippets

You can customize what is displayed by default (i.e. when not searching) in the SnippetsLab Assistant. To do that, choose SnippetsLab > Preferences…, click Assistant, and select either Latest snippets or Use custom search criteria from Default Snippets section. If you opt to use custom criteria, click the Edit… button next to the option text to apply your search rules.

Keyboard Shortcut

You can set a global keyboard shortcut to activate the SnippetsLab Assistant. To do that, choose SnippetsLab > Preferences…, click Assistant, then click Record shortcut. Press a key combination you want to use (for example, ⌃⇧⌘Space).


Add Snippets

Activate SnippetsLab Assistant and click “btn-pencil new” to switch to the add snippet panel.