Keyboard Shortcuts

Builtin Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Open Preferences Command-Comma (,)
Create a New Folder Shift-Command-N
Create a New Smart Group Control-Command-N
Create a New Snippet Command-N
Create a New Snippet from Clipboard Option-Command-N
Create a New Fragment Command-T
Create a New Fragment from Clipboard Option-Command-T
Print Current Snippet Command-P
Copy Selection with Styles Option-Command-C
Copy Current Snippet Shift-Command-C
Copy Current Snippet with Styles Option-Shift-Command-C
Find Command-F
Toggle Sidebar Shift-Command-L
Show Folders Sidebar Shift-Command-1
Show Tags Sidebar Shift-Command-2
Toggle Markdown Preview Shift-Command-M
Toggle Fullscreen Control-Command-F
Toggle Wrap Lines to Editor Width Shift-Command-W
Shift Left Command-Left Bracket ([)
Shift Right Command-Right Bracket (])
Convert Indentation to Spaces Control-Command-S
Convert Indentation to Tabs Control-Command-T
Strip Trailing Whitespaces Control-Command-W
Make Font Size Bigger Command-Plus (+)
Make Font Size Smaller Command-Minus (-)
Move Fragment Right Shift-Option-Command-Right Bracket ([)
Move Fragment Left Shift-Option-Command-Left Bracket (])
Show Next Fragment Shift-Command-Right Bracket ([)
Show Previous Fragment Shift-Command-Left Bracket (])

Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer, you can also assign your own keyboard shortcuts to menu commands in SnippetsLab. You can only create keyboard shortcuts for existing menu commands.

To learn more about it, please refer to the Apple support artical Create keyboard shortcuts for apps.