What’s New in SnippetsLab 1.9

Jul 16, 2019

Major Update

  • Automatic Code Formatting. Beautify your code when pasted to SnippetsLab or manually from a menu item. Now supports Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, CSS, Java, PHP, C, C++, and C# code, with others to be supported in the future.

  • Paste Snippet Content from SnippetsLab Assistant. Now you can choose to paste the content of your snippet directly to the active app from the menubar assistant.

  • Historical Navigation. View your recently browsed snippets and jump backward & forward quickly with keyboard shortcuts.


  • Added the ability to duplicate a snippet

  • Toggle comments with keyboard shortcut Command-/` (for supported languages only)

  • Fenced code blocks in Markdown snippets now have language-specific syntax highlighting

  • Syntax highlighting for 22 new languages: Augeas, BBCBasic, Boa, Charmci, DASM16, Fennel, FloScript, Freefem, HLSL, Hspec, Icon, Pony, SARL, Slash, Slurm, SmartGameFormat, TOML, TeraTermmacro, ucode, Unicon, VBScript, Xorg

Resolved Issues

  • SnippetsLab Assistant custom search criteria now functions normally

  • Fixed a possible crash when creating folders, smart groups or snippets

  • Fixed a possible crash/hang when editing Markdown snippets

What's New in SnippetsLab 1.9.1

Sep 17, 2019

  • Fixed some known compatibility issues with macOS 10.15 Catalina

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What's New in SnippetsLab 1.9.2

Oct 2, 2019

  • Full-text search now includes fragment titles

  • Improved syntax coloring for various languages and themes

  • Improved text rendering speed

  • Improved code formatting for Swift

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What's New in SnippetsLab 1.9.3

Dec 13, 2020

  • Fixed an issue with GitHub.com account authentication that could prevent users from logging in

  • Fixed occasional app crashes

  • Compatibility improvements with macOS Big Sur