What’s New in SnippetsLab 2.1

Jun 21, 2022

Major Update

  • Markdown Diagrams. Add Mermaid diagrams to Markdown snippets. All diagram types are supported, including flowchart, pie chart, sequence diagram, state diagram, class diagram, and others.

  • Automatic Language Detection. Automatically detect and set language when pasting code into SnippetsLab, supporting over 50 most popular languages.

  • New and Improved Syntax Highlighting. Syntax highlighting for over 50 new languages, with additional improvements made to more than 100 existing languages.


  • Added the ability to pin individual snippets to the top.

  • Improved scroll synchronization for Markdown preview.

  • Substantially improved syntax highlighting performance.

  • Code blocks can now properly be nested under other block-level elements in Markdown preview.

  • Newlines in Markdown are now rendered as line breaks, similar to GitHub-flavored Markdown.

  • Added new import formats including JSON and Quiver library, notebook, and notes.

  • JSON and XML export now contains all library data (including UUID and folder hierarchy).

  • Added an option to hide snippets in subfolders from the list view (access from Context Menu > Display Options).

Resolved Issues

  • Column count now accounts for emojis correctly.

  • Proper PHP highlight in Markdown no longer requires the opening tag (<?php or <?).

  • Fixed a performance issue when rendering preview for large markdown snippets.

  • Fixed inconsistent vertical spacing in Markdown preview (reloading themes required).

  • Fixed an issue where refetching gists may not yield the latest results due to request caching.

  • Fixed an issue where current-line highlight may draw incorrectly when discontiguous ranges are selected.

  • Fixed an issue where the editor may become distorted if the window layout changes while being scrolled.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.