What’s New in SnippetsLab 2.0

Sep 13, 2021

Major Update

  • Fresh UI with Polished Themes. We’ve freshened up the UI to be more consistent and modern throughout the app. All existing themes have also received extensive updates. Make sure to check them out!

  • Customizable Themes. Now you can customize the themes (or create entirely new ones). You can change not only the syntax coloring, but almost every aspect of the application interface as well. To top it off, the app has also gained the ability to automatically switch between a light and a dark theme of your choice, following system preferences.

  • Unified Sidebar. The sidebar has now been unified with folders and tags showing in the same workspace. To accommodate the potentially larger sidebar, we’ve added the ability to search for content in the sidebar, and to add tags to the Favorites section.


  • Added arm64 support for Apple Silicon Macs.

  • Snippets imported from GitHub now display a special gist icon in the snippets list.

  • The history menu has been moved to the main menu area, allowing for quick navigation to previously viewed snippets.

  • Added an option to highlight the current line in the code editor.

  • Added the ability to resize the menubar assistant. You can also choose from three scales for the quick look window.

  • You can now detach the quick look pop-over by dragging it to its own window.

  • Added more navigational shortcuts for SnippetsLab Assistant. You can use Command-1~9 keys to quickly switch between the fragments (up to first 9 fragments), use Command-Up/Down arrow keys to jump to the top or bottom, and Option-Up/Down arrow keys to scroll the page up and down.

  • The above arrow-related shortcuts work for the search filter menu as well (you open it by typing in: in the search bar).

  • Compact mode now also applies to the menubar assistant.

  • More markdown format options have been added. You can now insert a footnote or thematic break, and toggle subscript/superscript/tasklist from the Format menu.

  • Improved syntax highlighting for Swift, Objective-C, CSS, and Python code. More keywords for the latest Cocoa technologies has been added, including SwiftUI.

  • The swipe gesture on the snippets list will now copy the snippet, instead of deleting it.

  • The ability to record a single-key shortcut has been added.

  • When searching for a language in the Preference window, the most relevant results will now appear first (searching for languages like C and R are now much easier).

  • The Alfred workflow search function now has improved response time.

  • Other performance and reliability improvements.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the assistant search filter menu may show on the wrong screen.

  • Texts pasted into the search bar will no longer appear black when using a dark theme.

  • Content size of the markdown preview panel now scales with the main editor font size.

  • Fixed an issue where the show invisibles option may cause the text editor to misbehave when an unsupported font is used.

  • Fixed an issue that may prevent iCloud sync updates from being reflected while the app is running.

  • Fixed a bug where the search filter menu may show an incorrect number of snippets for the menu items.

What's New in SnippetsLab 2.0.1

Sep 24, 2021

  • The app now remembers and automatically restores sidebar and snippet selection upon relaunch.

  • Full-text search now includes tags.

  • Fixed an issue where the text styles are not properly reset when switching fragments.

  • The tags field no longer displays a vertical scroller when the legacy scroller is used.

  • Fixed a bug that prevents the plain text color from updating in real time when editing themes.

  • The detached preview popover can now show above other fullscreen apps.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

What's New in SnippetsLab 2.0.2

Jan 19, 2022

  • Improved brackets and quotes autocompletion.

  • Improved invisible character rendering.

  • Text find & replace in the editor now uses the integrated find bar rather than in a separate window.

  • Added more Cocoa symbols for Swift and Objective-C syntax highlighting.

  • Resolved a system alert pertaining to impending Python framework deprecation.

  • Fixed an issue where copying a discontiguous range will only copy the first selection.

  • Fixed a layout bug that may occur when wrap indentation is enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the assistant window may appear on the wrong screen when screens are arranged vertically.

  • Desktop tinting now applies to the assistant when using the Mojave Dark theme.

  • Minor improvement to the default styles of the Markdown preview.

  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete may suggest non-existent options when entering tags.

  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

What's New in SnippetsLab 2.0.3

Jan 24, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a currently in-use custom theme may cause the app to misbehave until restarted.

  • Fixed an issue where the Assistant window may occasionally fail to update appearance when switching between themes.

  • Fixed a regression in 2.0.2 that adds an extra trailing space when copying rich text from the editor.


We hope you enjoy the update. If SnippetsLab has been helpful, please consider leaving a review on the Mac App Store to share your experience with others. Thank you!