What’s New in SnippetsLab 2.4

Jan 16, 2024

Major Update

  • Toolbar Customizations: Tailor your workspace to your preferences. Rearrange the toolbar and add buttons for frequently used features, like format code, detect language, or navigate back/forward.

  • Colorful Tags: Assign colors to important tags for enhanced organization and visual clarity.

  • Enhanced Snippets List: Tags and snippet notes are now visible in the snippets list. You can further customize the layout, such as to show only colored tags or show previews for all snippets.

  • Lock Snippets: Lock a snippet to prevent unintended edits. Choose Lock Editing from the snippets list context menu, or add the new Lock/Unlock button to the toolbar.


  • Added 21 new languages, including ASN.1, BQN, Blueprint, Linux desktop file, DNS Zone, GraphQL, JSX, Kusto, ldaprc, LDIF, OpenSCAD, PRQL, NVIDIA PTX, systemd, TLS Presentation Language, urlencoded, Verifpal, Visual Prolog Grammar, Visual Prolog, Vyper, and YARA.

  • Deleted snippets are now moved to a new Trash folder.

  • Set tags in Assistant when creating new snippets.

  • New SnippetsLab Assistant keyboard shortcuts: Shift-Command-1 to open browse mode, Shift-Command-2 to open create mode, and Shift-Command-0 to open main window.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Assistant actions now work on the selected fragment when Quick Look is open.

  • The app now remembers last-used settings for library import and export.

  • Automatic backup now automatically retains recent versions at various intervals.

  • Added a new search option to limit search results to the current folder or tag.

  • Added code formatting support for GraphQL.

  • Improved existing code formatters.

  • Added more custom symbols for folders and smart groups.

  • Various syntax highlighting improvements.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed multiple issues with Markdown syntax highlighting.

  • Fixed an issue when importing from Quiver where some images links may not import correctly.

  • Fixed a possible hang when formatting longer snippets.

  • Fixed a potential crash when saving the library or creating backups.

  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.

What’s New in SnippetsLab 2.4.1

Feb 17, 2024

New Features

  • Added autocompletions for Markdown lists and code blocks.


  • When searching, snippets list now displays contents matching the search keyword. Opening a search result automatically selects and highlights the matching area as well.

  • Added an option to toggle line numbers.

  • The “Add Link” dialog is now pre-populated with selected text or link.

  • Improved editor autocompletion behaviors.

  • In macOS 14, the insertion point color now matches the theme accent color. It can also be customized in advanced theme settings.

  • Added a new selectable toolbar button to toggle invisible characters.

  • Added support for filtering locked snippets in smart groups.

  • Various performance improvements.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a possible crash when saving the library or creating backups.

  • Fixed a possible crash when editing tags.

  • Fixed an issue where undoing edits could result in incorrect text selection.

  • Fixed an issue where the tab width may be inaccurate when typing.


We hope you enjoy this update! If SnippetsLab has been helpful, please consider leaving a review on the Mac App Store to share your experience with others. Thank you!